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Trish Ottone

Trish Ottone

Spiritual Medium & Mentor


"I had a phone consultation with Trish and I am still in "amazement" .She is great and was spot on. I felt like I was sitting right in front of her. Thank you for everything. I got all my questions answered and received a lot of messages that I was waiting for. You are such a warm and kind person. Thank you for all of the good energy you sent my way "

Marina Financier

"Trish is an insightful, highly-skilled holistic practitioner. Her incredible gift of intuition for others provides an opportunity for healing, assurance of the present, and clarity for the future. Trish is down-to-Earth, loving, and normal - a true gem in the field of energy therapy! I'd highly recommend her to anyone".

Susan Baker B.Sc., B.Ed., RHN

Helping you to connect to Spirit and ignite your intuitive self! 


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