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Trish Ottone

What people are saying

"When I felt ready to finally begin to deal with my issues, I called upon Trish and her talents. She communicated with my grandfather which gave me valuable insight on my father. This vital information helped me understand and finally put to bed a distressed relationship. Trish is a gifted medium who listens to the spirits and then delivers beyond what one might believe possible. I am forever grateful for how she brought a new life into my existence. She's wonderful!".

- Gabrielle (50) Horticultural Educator

"Thanks to Trish's introduction/practical teaching/energetic enlightenment, my self image has done a 180 degree turn. Trish is a natural leader, who always listens to her students' needs, so that you always get what you need from her classes. I now choose to live my life with a positive attitude, and I credit all of that to connecting with Trish. I consider myself a very fortunate individual because Trish walked into my life. Today, I too, can be a beacon of light for the people who I care for in my life".

- Sue Paolucci (43) Civil Servant

"In my 10 energy sessions I learned to work with my soul, my ego and my body as one.This has brought calm to my life, given me better posture, focus and will. I like to think of it as Alignment of Awareness. If you are unhappy and seem to be chasing happiness, I highly recommend working with Trish. Your perception of your reality will change and give you peace and joy, as it did for me".

- Gus Daravis (aged 43) CEO

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